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Privacy Policy

Maintaining privacy of information you supply is an important issue to The Aussie Mozzie Tube. This office has a policy of openness in the way that any personal information is handled. In particular we comply completely with the requirements of the National Privacy Principles, the Act, and as such our information handling practices are constantly monitored to ensure that they are privacy friendly.

As part of this office’s commitment to the protection of your right to privacy, we list below an explanation of our information handling practices.


The type of personal or confidential information that The Aussie Mozzie Tube holds, is only as disclosed by you when communicating with or ordering from The Aussie Mozzie Tube and as contained in any e-mail or communication that you would complete at the time you make an enquiry or place an order.

The Aussie Mozzie Tube does not hold any information that would be classed as Sensitive Information under the Act.

The primary purpose for the collection of any information contained within the e-mail or order form is for the supply of goods to suit your requirements and will not be disclosed to any other party not associated with The Aussie Mozzie Tube without your express consent.

Should you at any time need to check your personal information, you may do so by contacting The Aussie Mozzie Tube by e-mail, slow mail or by telephone on 0414 925 436 and discuss your needs with the Privacy Officer.

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