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A lifetime of volunteer leadership in youth, civic and church activities led, in 2004, to a brief mission to Papua New Guinea with The Salvation Army of Australia, Eastern Territory. This was for support and education of the PNG Church Youth Leaders. Specific conditions to be encountered were unknown other than that they would be hiking with backpacks, possibly with no provision for suspending the all important mosquito nets while sleeping either indoors or out.  

Mosquito net protection would therefore have to be freestanding and self-supporting; enclosed yet airy; fit in a lower bunk or bed; be lightweight with moisture-proof base for use on wood, concrete, rock, swamp, sand or grass and strong enough to support the weight of rodents while kept off the body;

An extensive search of the internet and other medium for such a versatile protection was fruitless. So Rodney's love of the outdoors & Elaine's fear of snakes and crawlies was combined in a God-given design. They were told what to do, step by step for a sleeping chamber to suit virtually every conceivable situation according to the pattern God gave, the first of its kind.

Prior to leaving, the two prototypes made for testing on their mission trip were patented as The  Aussie Mozzie Tube. The name and the logo were registered as a trade mark on their return.
While in  Papua New Guinea extreme interest was shown by the Nationals but availability of materials became a hindrance to PNG production.

On return to Australia the Lord presented them with a manufacturer, a skilled craftsman, but again,  the necessary lightweight materials for the original product were unable to be  readily sourced so a heavierdemonstration model was made. Every good and perfect gift is from above. God chose to give their business birth through the ABCTV New Inventors program, airing on 13th April, 2005.

  He blessed them with internet sales all over  Australia to hikers, bush walkers, campers, canoeists,  sailors, cyclists, motorcyclists, backpackers, beach fishermen, 4 wheel drivers, adventurers, prospectors, oil riggers, mine workers,  astronomers, and homeowners for verandah use or as a secure play pen for toddlers. Individual sales as well as quantity sales were made to overseas missions and international aid workers which took The Aussie Mozzie Tube® to the  Pacific  Islands,  India, Africa, South America and  Asia

The product evolved into two successfully marketed weights utilizing the same design - the heavy duty Model #2 (Overlander) and eventually the lightweight Model #1 (Walkabout), although materials were still very difficult and expensive to obtain for the latter.   

From 2005, The Brisbane Travel Doctor Clinic has invited The  Aussie Mozzie Tube® to display at their annual AMA Conferences.

In February 2006 worldwide marketability was confirmed at the Melbourne Adventure Travel & Backpackers Expo where The  Aussie Mozzie Tube® was presented the Showstopper Award for Best First Time Exhibitor.

The  Aussie Mozzie Tube® was invited to enter the prestigious 2005/06 Australia/New Zealand DuPont Innovation Awards, attaining the Judges Commendation Award.


Production was subsequently moved offshore in 2007 for the lightweight Model #1, Walkabout where Chinese manufacturing allowed a return to the original God given concept of lightness of weight plus affordability, while still retaining the same high standard of materials and workmanship. 
Meanwhile, the heavy duty Model #2 Overlander continues to be manufactured in Australia using imported materials, components and carry bags.
Following Spiritual guidance and adoption of both models for the homeless and disadvantaged in SE Queensland, supply shifted from general retail to providing only to humanitarian organisations. 

NOTE: Since mid 2007 Elaine and Rodney, led by the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus, continue their mission through an itinerant ministry within Australia, without denominational boundaries,making known the mysteries in the Book of Revelation, decoded, and made clear by the Holy Spirit; preaching the Kingdom of God in central Eastern Australia where all Christians who do His will shall dwell forever, in awe of God, forgiven of their misdeeds. Ezek 36:28 Num 10:29 1Kings 8:39,40
The Product is now only distributed to Spirit-named recipients as their ticket to the Kingdom of God

"I will send someone before the Day of the LORD and he shall bring the congregations back to God lest they be smitten by judgement." Malachi 4:5


The Aussie Mozzie Tube® is dedicated to the design & supply of quality enclosed personal sleeping-quarters for protection against insect & rodent borne diseases and snake bites.


The Aussie Mozzie Tube®, protected under IP, copyright, patent & registered trademark laws. World rights reserved 2004.

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